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Welcome to the Internet's premier resource for finding and hiring venues in South Africa's most dynamic and vibrant city. We aim to take the stress out of finding the perfect place to host any event, whether it's for business or pleasure. You'll find that Cape Town is the perfect place for holding all kinds of gatherings, from family celebrations like weddings and birthday parties to more sober occasions such as business meetings and conventions. With a huge, carefully-selected range of Cape Town venues to choose from right here at your fingertips, you'll be on your way to a hosting a successful and profitable venture in no time!

If you're unfamiliar with Cape Town and its surrounding areas, you have a treat in store as you discover one of the world's best urban centers. As South Africa's second-largest city, it is home to the country's legislature as well as its major business and financial communities. Not only that, but Cape Town is also one of the country's top tourist destinations, giving rise to a huge number of venues that specialize in all forms of hospitality and entertainment. When hiring a place for your event, the location you eventually decide on will naturally vary depending on the purpose of the occasion. By choosing Cape Town venues that are suited to your needs, you're in the best position to find a place for hire that can accommodate any kind of event, big or small.

For larger gatherings such as company conventions and major promotional launches, you will probably want to look into hiring space at one of the city's large convention and exhibition centers.

These world-class facilities offer the benefit of a convenient location allied with experienced management and staff who will be able to assist in all aspects of the run-up as well as hosting your event on the day. A major benefit inherent to choosing such a venue is the support that you'll receive in the arrangement of ancillary concerns such as catering, refreshments and the hire of any PA or audiovisual equipment you may require for presentations.

As well as business concerns, Cape Town venues can be ideal for social or cultural affairs. With one of South Africa's most effervescent musical and arts scenes, the vibrant neighborhoods around Kloof Street and the V & A Waterfront district provide venues for all sorts of performances from poetry recitals to traditional African music performances.

Many of the city's best restaurants and bars are also located around here, providing a dizzying array of activities to tourists and business travelers, day and night. If you're planning a family event such as a wedding or birthday party, this kind of place might be ideal to book, as the neighborhood is home to several of South Africa's best entertainment venues, including many world-famous clubs and eateries. As with other districts within the city, you'll find the staff and management of these places to be of the utmost assistance in arranging all aspects of your planned event.

As well as the collective charms of Cape Town venues, visitors to the city will find a disparate selection of activities and places for hire outside the main conurbation in regions such as the Hottentots-Holland Nature Reserve. This area, a short drive from the city center provides South Africa's visitors with scenes of outstanding natural beauty as well as some great places for relaxation and entertainment.

In a place as diverse and engaging as South Africa, it can be difficult on deciding which of its many spaces for hire to settle on. By relying on the great selection of Cape Town venues you see presented here, you can rest assured that you'll be getting the very best from this wonderful country.